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Merclinco offers a wide range of clinical trial services to sponsors, CROs, and SMOs, making us the comprehensive solution to developing, managing, and maintaining any kind of clinical study!

We also offer a range of services to individial patients, as well as those seeking training within the various fields of clinical research.

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Merclinco provides an extensive array of clinical trial services to sponsors, CROs, and SMOs, positioning itself as the comprehensive solution for developing, managing, and maintaining any and all-type of clinical study. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, these services are designed to meet the unique needs of each and every client
Additionally, a variety of services are available to individual patients and sites seeking training and coordination within the multi-dimensional areas of clinical research. These training programs encompass a broad spectrum of topics, including regulatory compliance, clinical trial management, data analysis, and patient care protocols.
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Our key focus on providing data and anlytics significantly enhance clinical research trials by reducing errors, increasing the speed of data processing, and improving feasibility. These tools streamline workflows, ensuring higher success rates and more accurate results, ultimately accelerating the development of effective treatments.
Centralization of processes ensures operational compliance by aligning with regulatory standards and ethical guidelines, while also optimizing budgets. This streamlined approach enhances oversight, minimizes risks, and ensures that all activities adhere to legal and ethical requirements, ultimately promoting efficiency and accountability in organizational operations.
Patient recruitment, a major challenge in clinical trials, is expedited at MERCLINCO sites, achieving FPFV within 24 hours of SIV in over 90% of studies. Our customized communication strategies effectively enroll diverse patients, with real-time adjustments and weekly reports ensuring low fail rates. Recognized for our recruitment successes, we prioritize both recruitment and retention.
Our operations thrive in communities with diverse populations and varying social strata, where we engage deeply to build supportive relationships. The commitment of local people fosters a collaborative environment, enhancing our efforts and ensuring inclusive participation. This engagement enriches our projects and strengthens community bonds.
The vast and varied climate of our operational environment offers access to diverse patient pools from different backgrounds, each exposed to unique environmental factors. This diversity enriches our clinical trials, providing comprehensive data and insights that enhance the robustness and applicability of our research outcomes.
Our research projects benefit from the availability of highly skilled professionals and efficient intercontinental logistics. This combination ensures smooth operations, from precise data collection to timely delivery of resources, enhancing the quality and speed of our clinical trials. These capabilities drive successful outcomes and foster innovation in our research endeavors.
Supportive Communities
Densely Diverse Populations
Varying Climatic Environments
Diverging Social Stratas
High Skills Availability
Interconnected Logistics
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Carrying the load of groundbreaking medical research, our extensive team of doctors, medical staff, and support personnel work tirelessly around the clock. Their dedication ensures that every aspect of our clinical trials is meticulously managed, from patient care to data integrity, driving forward our mission to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes.
Our network of sites, coupled with centralized operations, ensures consistency and enhances communication, enabling us to complete trials promptly. This streamlined approach facilitates coordinated efforts across all locations, minimizing delays and maintaining high standards, ultimately accelerating the delivery of reliable and efficient research outcomes.
With access to millions of patients across the entirety of Africa, we hold a unique advantage in our clinical research. This extensive reach allows us to gather diverse and comprehensive data, enhancing the reliability of our studies and enabling the development of treatments that cater to varied populations.
therapeutic EXPERTISE
Our comprehensive approach to infectious diseases encompasses Africa's diverse landscape, addressing prevalent conditions like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. With millions affected, our research initiatives strive to develop effective treatments and preventive measures tailored to regional needs, aiming to alleviate the burden and improve healthcare outcomes across the continent.
Dedicated to advancing women's health, our initiatives focus on conditions like menopause, osteoporosis, and endometriosis. By conducting research tailored to the unique needs of women, we aim to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of these prevalent conditions. Through our efforts, we seek to enhance the quality of life for women worldwide, promoting holistic healthcare solutions.
Specializing in hematology research, our focus extends to conditions like anemia and thalassemia, which profoundly impact individuals worldwide. Through cutting-edge research and innovative therapies, we aim to improve diagnostics and treatment options for these hematological disorders, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients and advancing the field of hematology.
Metabolic Syndrome
Pain Studies
Weight Loss
Infectious Diseases
Vaccine Research
COVID19 diabetes HYPERTENSION obesity CHOLESTEROL cardiovascular disease INSULIN RESISTANCE hypercholestrolemia CVS psoriasis SKIN CANCER osteoarthritis RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS chronic pelvic pain FIBROMYALGIA pneumonia INFLUENZA tuberculosis (tb) HIV/AIDS malaria
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